collagen solarium

Opening hours:    9:00–23:00

Take advantage of the possibility to combine several pleasant things in one wonderful relaxation.

You can find 2 vertical solariums MegaSun Optima in our tanning studio. These modern devices meet current standards for healthy tanning, focusing on fine and high quality tanning with help of solar tubes and ruby collagen light. 

The result of tanning is naturally fine tan and smooth healthy skin. We guarantee you excellent quality and perfect comfort while tanning in a pleasant air-​conditioned environment.


solar tubes with ruby collagen light
visible tan after the first three visits
refreshment during tanning with water mist
vibrating plate for muscle strengthening and blood circulation
solar cosmetics for easy sustainable tan
natural tan all year


If you are only starting to tan in solariums, we will be happy to advise you on the course of your tanning session according to your phototype, choosing solar cosmetics and answering your questions about tanning.

No reservation required for the solarium.



  • At the beginning of the tanning session, it is best to visit the sunbed every other day.
  • The minimum tanning interval in the solarium is 24 hours, which is the duration of the entire chemical process of tanning.
  • If you wish to get a good and gradual tan, you should visit the solarium two to four times a week.


  • Once you have reached your targeted tan level, simply keep your tan in the solarium once a week.
  • We recommend taking a break of 1 to 2 months a year from tanning in the solarium in order to relax your skin.


  • Warm water interrupts the tanning process, so it is better not to take a shower for two hours after visiting the solarium (if you wish to take a shower immediately after tanning in the solarium, it is recommended to wash with lukewarm water and without soap).
  • It is important to use special solar cosmetics that protect and nourish the body.  The solar cosmetics of Oranjito are completely natural. Thanks to its unique ingredients, the cosmetics give the body a bronze touch while nourishing it.
  • Protective glasses should be worn primarily by people who wear contact lenses or those who have undergone ophthalmic lens surgery. If you do not wish to wear safety glasses, it is a good idea to remove the contact lenses as they may be damaged (becoming yellow and rough).


  • When taking antibiotics or any other drugs, a photo allergic reaction may occur. This can result in burning. Therefore, for the duration of treatment, it is better to skip tanning or consult your doctor.
  • It is not advisable to use perfume, deodorant and any other cosmetics immediately before tanning in a solarium. Light or dark spots or skin irritation may occur.

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