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Where can I park?

All clients of Infinit Holešovice have free parking in front of the Absolutum Hotel. When entering the parking lot you can park in a place that is not marked "reserve". When leaving the wellness center, you only need to report your license plate number to the reception staff, which will ensure that the barrier is opened upon departure.

Is it possible to store any valuables?

Yes. We can lend you a key to safe boxes, placed on the reception.

Do you accept payment via various benefit companies?

Yes, we accept the following: Relax Pass, Focus Pass, Gift Pass, Bonus Pass or Flexi Pass, Unišek, Unišek +, Unišek + FKSP, Cadhoc, Edenred Multi, Edenred Sport & Culture, EdenredCompliments, Cafeteria BENEFITY, BENEFIT PLUS or Infinit gift vouchers.

We also accept Flexi Pass CARD, eBenefits card, or Edenred Benefits card.

Do you accept Multisport cards? What are the benefits?

Yes, we do. It is necessary to have the card physically with you and prove it with an identity card.

With the Multisport card you can take advantage of a CZK 120 discount on entry to the wellness (90 minutes).

What is the Infinit card and what are its benefits?

Infinit Card is a credit card with which you get a discounted entrance fee. You can get the IC for free. The only condition for membership is a minimum deposit of 2000 CZK. It takes only a few minutes to get the card, just fill in the basic information and the card will be yours. More information HERE.

Do you lend slippers?

We do not rent slippers for hygienic reasons, but if you have forgotten your slippers at home, you can buy sports flip flops from us. You can choose from several colors, sizes from number 35 to 47. Price for one pair of flip flops is 99 CZK.

Are you opened on National holidays?

Yes, except for a few holidays, we usually open from 9:00 to 23:00. You can find out about any change in our opening hours during the holidays through our website or social networks.

Can I top up my Infinit card online?

Yes, you can do so in the Client Zone. This zone will allow the owner of the Infinit card to look into his account, track movement, and also enable immediate top-​up of credit on his card. Another plus is the display of the card's barcode directly in the user's overview, which means that you will not have to carry the Infinit card with you, but it will be enough to log in to your account and then present the phone with the code to the reception. You can top up your credit using a payment card, an eBenefit UP card or through the Benefity Plus payment gateway.


Someone took my towel/​sheet, what can I do about it?

We believe that no one has deliberately taken your sheet or towel - it may have been a mistake. At our reception you can rent a new towel or sheet for a fee of 20 CZK. The fee is determined by the cost of the laundry. Next time we recommend to take the towel with you to the sauna.

Do I pay for the time spent in the changing rooms?

There is a free 10 minutes in changing room for each wellness entry. If you spend more time in the changing rooms, it will count as a time spent in wellness.

Can children go to the sauna?

The sauna part is designed for adults and people over 140 cm, mainly for safety reasons.

If I spend more than 90 minutes in wellness, do I pay doubled entrance fee?

No, the time continues to count by each minute. Basically, if you will add 10 minutes more to your time in wellness, you will pay only the basic fee and then the additional 10 minutes.

massages & private baths & solarium

I am going for a massage for the first time. How does it work?

First make a reservation by phone or in person. Arrive for the massage 10 to 15 minutes earlier, this is needed for the time spent at a reception and for you to take a shower, store your valuables in a safe /​ locker, etc. Please take a shower before the massage, warm shower will help you relax your muscles. Then wrap yourself in a sheet, you can keep your underwear, but for your convenience, we recommend taking off completely - you do not have to worry, intimacy will be maintained in every situation. Your masseur will pick you up and give you all the information regarding your procedure. The massage comes with a free glass of water, both before and after the massage.

Do you perform physiotherapy?

We do not offer physiotherapy, however, during our massages our trained massage team uses elements of physiotherapy and after consultation with you will be happy to focus on the problem you are experiencing.

How often is the water in private baths changed?

The water in our private bath is changed after every client.

I want to start tanning in a solarium, how often should I go?

At the beginning of the tanning session, it is best to visit the sunbed every other day. The minimum tanning distance in the solarium is 24 hours, which is the duration of the entire tanning process. If you want to get a good and gradual tan, you come walk two to four times a week.

Can I prolong my tan?

Once you have reached the desired tan, just keep coming to the solarium once a week. We recommend taking a 1 to 2 month break from sunbathing in the solarium to soothe your skin.

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